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Silent valley national park

Silent valley national Park is found 70 kms from Coimbatore and 40 kms from Mannarkkad. This park can be a boast to natural lovers and wild life adventurists. The rainforests found in this national park goes back to 50 million years back and you can discover wide scope of flaura and fauna out of which some are professed to be discovered distinctly in Silent valley national park. Silent valley national park is known for its rich biodiversity and has an enormous gathering of blooming plants numbering to 1000 species, in excess of 211 types of birds are located in this spot out of which 15 species are professed to be endemic to Western Ghats to name.

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Karuvera Waterfalls

This waterfall goes under the neutral zone of Slient valley national park; we need to stroll from the Mukkali to Karuvera waterfalls with the authorization of forest office at Mukkali. The visit will be escorted by the forest watcher who will give you the information of different estates that runs over the way. The entrancing perspective on the woods and perfectly clear view falls makes your outing vital..

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Niligiri Bio Sphere Park

In this park you can locate the different trees, birds and animals found in the Attapadi slopes. The park is available to open. Amid your visit to the park will be joined by the guide who gives you the subtleties of the significance of every tree and their age as well. There is an exhibition hall which has models of snakes, monkeys and fowls. This spot merits visiting on the off chance that you are nature admirer.